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Storm Damage

Mother Nature and Your Roof

A hail or windstorm can damage your roof in ways that can’t be detected from the ground. If your home or business has recently been in a moderate to severe storm, call CCR Roofing for a free storm damage inspection. Upon inspection of your roof, CCR Roofing will assess the damage, if any, then calculate the roof size and submit a written estimate to both homeowner and insurance company.

Most insurance companies have a time limit for which a particular claim may be made, most up to a year after the damage has occurred. If you believe your roof may have incurred damage, don’t wait. Other consequential damage may occur to your home or business as a result of the initial roof damage, like water leakage onto interior walls and ceilings or the creation of damp areas where mold can grow.

CCR Roofing is your licensed, insured and bonded Certified Roofing Company. Beware of fly-by-night roofers who often descend on a storm-stricken area in the hours and days after a weather event. While some of these roofers are conscientious and honest, others may not be so trustworthy. Your best defense against shoddy workmanship is to insist on a Certified Roofing Company that can provide you with accurate and understandable estimates and all necessary general liability insurance certificates. CCR Roofing guarantees all labor and materials for a period of one year from the date the job is completed.

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