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Choosing your re-roofing method

CCR has extensive experience with re-roofing. When it comes to re-roofing projects, there are two basic options for installation. Tearing off the old roof (tear off) is one option. The second is to lay new shingles over the existing roof (lay over). Lay over will almost always be the less expensive alternative, but is not always the wisest choice.

There are certain advantages to be gained when tearing off the old roof before installing the new one:

  • Starting with a clean deck can result in a smoother finished product.

  • With tear off, waterproofing underlayment can be installed before the new roof is applied to protect against leaks created by wind-driven rain, ice, etc.

  • Removing the old roofing material can reveal defects in the roof deck. If any are found, they should be corrected before the new roof is installed.

  • Inadequate attic ventilation can be revealed with tear off by noting any condensation problems. If problems exist, an appropriate ventilation system can be installed.

  • CCR Roofing will acquire the necessary permits whether your re-roofing job is a tear off or lay over, and will be responsible for cleanup and disposal of your old shingles.

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