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Preventive Maintenance

Staying on top of your roof

Roofs take more abuse from the elements than any other part of the structure. Depending on your specific circumstances, CCR Roofing recommends either a semi-annual or annual preventive maintenance roof inspection. Our program includes a physical inspection to determine the roof’s current condition, detect weaknesses and pinpoint any potential problems. Early-stage detection of potential problems in the key to keeping your roof maintenance costs to a minimum.

A Roof Maintenance Program, performed at regular intervals, is essential to the longevity of any roofing system. CCR Roofing provides the following inspection services as part of their Roof Maintenance Program:

Potential problems include:

  • Water Spots appearing on interior ceilings are often caused by damaged shingles, water backup due to the formation of ice dams, deck leakage and loose or cracked flashing.

  • Damaged Flashing in a new roofing job is due to improper installation. For old roofs, the damage is the result of drying and cracking from various forms of weather exposure.

  • Missing Shingles result from improper fastening or exposure to high winds. Individual shingles can usually be replaced without replacing larger sections of the roofing.

  • Buckling and Curling. Buckling is caused by incorrectly-applied felt or movement in the deck. Curling usually results from under-saturation of asphalt felt.

  • Blistering can be caused by moisture in the shingles, inadequate ventilation or application over a wet deck.

  • Fungus Growth. Airborne fungi/algae will sometimes anchor and grow on roof materials. This is mostly an appearance problem and will not affect the life of the roofing material. Consult with a roofing professional for safe removal of these types of unsightly growths.

  • Missing Granules. Immediately after installation of new roofing materials, loose granules will be present. On older roofs loose granules can mean a need for replacement.

  • Rotting. Rot in roofing materials is caused by the absorption of moisture by the mat—a more common problem in organic-based shingles.

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