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Preventive Maintenance

Staying on top of your roof

Roofs take more abuse from the elements than any other part of the structure. Depending on your specific circumstances, CCR Roofing Services LLC recommends either a semi-annual or annual preventive maintenance roof inspection. Our program includes a physical inspection to determine the roof’s current condition, detect weaknesses and pinpoint any potential problems. Early-stage detection of potential problems is the key to keeping your roof maintenance costs to a minimum.

A Roof Maintenance Program, performed at regular intervals, is essential to the longevity of any roofing system. CCR Roofing Services LLC provides the following inspection services as part of their Roof Maintenance Program:

  • Roof surface cleared of any debris.
  • All damaged areas, punctures, etc., are noted for subsequent repair.
  • Accumulations of soil removed.
  • Overall condition of flat roofs observed for: blisters, ridges, splits or cracks in the membrane, open end or lap joints in the cap sheet, membrane or exposed felts. In addition, roof system component deterioration noted, as well as supplemental drainage required to eliminate any standing water.
  • Inspect flexible type expansion of relief joint splits or tears.
  • Dried bitumen or caulking will be resealed and scupper opened to allow free drainage.
  • Inspect flashings and gravel stops for any tears or splits, opening joints or deterioration.
  • Check all flashings around equipment mounts, skylights and rooftop ventilators for deterioration or punctures as well as loose metal cap flashings at perimeter.
  • Check all equipment, skylights, smoke vents and stacks, pitch pans, etc. for possible leakage.
  • Remove debris from all drain pipe strainers and inspection of seal =between drain and membrane for drying or deterioration.
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