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Roof Inspections and Repairs

Timely repairs can prevent bigger problems

Roofing damage is due to a variety of causes, including wind, lack of maintenance, weathering, flashing failures, incorrect design, gravel-stop/metal-edge strip problems, and rooftop equipment (signs, supports, etc.), to name just a few.

Regular roof inspections can reveal the beginnings of minor roof deterioration and head off bigger, and more costly, repairs in the future. Low-sloping roofs are particularly vulnerable to this type of damage.

Harsh weather conditions, varying exposure to direct sunlight, air pollutants and extreme wind velocity are just a few of the atmospheric factors that affect the condition of your roof. Roofs in the Midwest are not designed to withstand hurricane or gale-force winds. However, even moderate wind velocities of 50 mph can cause damage through flying debris and uplift forces against the roof perimeter.

The above are but a few of the problems that can be encountered when checking your roof for damage. CCR Roofing Services LLC is familiar with all types of roof damage, both commercial and residential, and will conduct inspections and recommend the proper procedure to correct any damage with a detailed estimate of labor and materials.

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